Metis Vision.
Systems made simple

Capture real-time actionable data.
Connect remotely to your vision systems.
Stream to your cloud.

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Metis Vision.
Quality control made simple

Capture real-time actionable data.
Analyse using powerful AI tools
Stream to your cloud.

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Make savings on every unit

Detect defects immediately
Easily train the system to recognise defects.  Define your thresholds and update at any time. Alerts are sent to the operators instantly when defects happen
Stream images to your cloud
Define your image retention policy and automatically connect your data for analysis and audit.
Remote monitoring & management
Remotely manage your camera fleets with either wireless 4G or wired connection.
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Six sigma analytics made simple

Unify your data
Bring Vision, PLC and Sensor data together into one unified platform.
Perform root cause analysis
All quality data and images are streamed and saved on the cloud so you can go back to any historical date to perform root cause analysis
Easy to use advanced features
Advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities. Designed for six sigma practitioners.

Backup your best operators

Minimise production losses to maximise your profit margins.
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