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Your historian holds all the data you need to get started. Extract more value from your existing database infrastructure.


Our AI software discovers the true interactions affecting your processes. Even your most complex processes can be understood.
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Simple and easy to understand. Our software provides operators with minute-by-minute control information allowing them to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.
It's simple to install - start saving in the first month.

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Six Sigma made simple

Complex physics is hidden in your process data.
Our AI software conducts root cause analysis in real time, gaining you maximum yield and minimum operational costs.

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and from Mark Hardy + Steve Churchhouse

Albert Camus

"Best thing since sliced bread"

Albert Camus

more value from your existing data infrastructure

Add intelligence to your legacy investments. Our software works in partnership with your existing sensors and integrates seamlessly with your SCADA, DCS, and Historian through simple cloud APIs.

backup your best operators

Create a digital twin of your most experienced employees.
Simplify and standardise operator decisions.

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Improve your system performance and achieve immediate RoI.