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Collect accurate, realtime product data on your production.  Combine vision systems with Sensor, PLC and historian data.


Discover hidden relationships and trends.  Automatically alert your operators of issues.  Design optimum control strategies.
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Use data to take control of your production.  Encode your operators' intuition & experience into reliable, automated actions.


Cloud Connected Vision Systems

Cameras are the most powerful, versatile sensors for collecting product quality data.  

Our Kelvin Vision product allows you to deploy vision systems with ease, stream your data to the cloud, and extract value with advanced analytics and machine learning.

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Albert Camus

"Best thing since sliced bread"

Albert Camus

Deploy perfect control strategies to your PLC

Use your data to Improve the efficiency of your production line.  

Our Kelvin Control product learns the characteristics of your equipment and designs the best control strategy to deliver maximum efficiency.

backup your best operators

Create a digital twin of your most experienced employees.
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Improve your system performance and achieve immediate RoI.