AI-powered Vision Systems

Collect accurate, real-time product data using our easy-to-deploy and cloud-connected vision systems.

Optimise your production

Easily compare the new improved performance against your baseline.
Discover hidden relationships and trends.  Automatically alert your operators of issues.  Design optimum control strategies
Continuous Optimisation
Our AI systems train on your latest data and notify you when improved performance can be achieved.
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Deploy cloud connected vision systems

Cameras are the most powerful, versatile sensors for collecting product quality data.  Our Metis Vision product allows you to deploy vision systems with ease, stream your data to the cloud, and extract value with advanced analytics and machine learning.

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“Since we installed the Metis Vision system we’re now able to remotely monitor the quality of the critical processes in a way that was not previously possible and customer complaints have gone down significantly.”
- Amanda Ellmer, Quality Manager, BMI

Deploy perfect
control strategies
to your plc

Use your data to Improve the efficiency of your production line. Our Metis  Control product learns the characteristics of your equipment and designs the best control strategy to deliver maximum efficiency.

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