Intelligent software to cut energy costs

Energy is one of the highest variable costs in factories, yet is not managed efficiently.

KelvinAI helps Energy Managers who are frustrated by the inability to optimise the running costs and system performance of their energy and utilities systems.

Cut energy costs

By continuously forecasting when the major energy users within your factory will start and end KelvinAI gives you precise visibility of energy demand allowing you to:
- Optimise boiler management
- Reduce peak electricity charges
- Schedule discretionary processes to balance load and increase diversity.

Easy To Deploy

- Integrates easily with your operational historian
- Provides a continuous forecast of energy demand within your plant.
- Alerts operators to avoid inefficient operation and provides predictive visibility of each process.
- APIs to support predictive boiler control

Steam Benefits From Day One

- More efficient steam production, lowering costs and CO2 emissions
- Increase boiler capacity without installing new equipment
- Reduce boiler maintenance costs by avoiding overheating
- Efficient process scheduling by giving all operators visibility of steam demand
- Reduce production cycle times allowing increased plant capacity

Electricity Benefits From Day One

- Minimise peak charges
- Identify peak users
- Improve predictability of costs

- Early warning of unusual consumption patterns
- Forecast consumption surges


Steam unit costs
CO2 emissions
Process cycle times
Boiler maintenance events
Peak electricity charges
Product unit cost


Boiler capacity
Predictability of spend
Visibility of energy consumption