Our Story

Process inefficiency kills factory profits. It’s one of the biggest drivers of cost, and yet so often we end up accepting low yield and inefficient operations as the status quo.

It can feel like an uphill battle - one which we too have experienced in various factories around the world. Our mascot "SpongeBob" even originated from one of these painful occasions (ask our team about this quirky character and the late-night Six Sigma sessions that created him).

While we all strive for "six sigma" performance, the reality is that low yield, scrap and rework are incredibly common. As a result: an abundance of energy, raw material, and time are being wasted; and customers expectations are not met.

This inefficiency isn’t due to lack of effort or focus.  Engineers have been implementing methodologies such as lean six sigma and statistical process control for decades. Yet these tools require expertise and persistence, and they're often used after problems have already occurred. Over time performance using these methods can plateau, with the remaining inefficiencies accepted as “the best we can do”.

But we can do better.  And we must do better.

Our businesses, our customers, and the environment all demand it.

And now, as more and more data is collected from our manufacturing processes, it is possible for every factory do to better.

We started Metis Labs to build the tools that WE wanted to see, in the hands of our colleagues, improving the efficiency in every factory around the world.

Our intelligent software tools understand the characteristics of any factory and discover it’s unique fingerprint, with all of its nuances.

No modelling is required. Our tools are easy for industrial engineers and operators to use and get value from. And since no one in the world knows your processes better than you do,  we put the power in your hands, allowing you to train your own AI models on the data that you choose.

Your team are committed to continuous improvement, it’s time to give them the super-powers that they need. They’ll know what refinements to make, and when, to Improve production yield, before problems are even encountered; they’ll be able to back-up the intuition of even their most experienced operators; and they’ll be able to optimise production to simply cut energy costs.

No facility can afford to waste resources and now, with our AI tools, you don’t have to.

Your production can be "right first time", every time.